Event / 30 Oct – 23 Apr 2024

The Betrayal Cycle

Joāo Saramago

The Betrayal Cycle is a brand new series of interventions on the landscape documented to reveal mankind’s acts of betrayal.

Inspired by the recovery stages for trauma and grief, The Betrayal Cycle is split into a structured narrative to showcase environmental issues as an allusive reference to personal and intimate relationships, whilst questioning acts of human’s corruptive behaviour and their long term impact on the landscape.

About Artist

Portrait of Joāo Saramago

Joāo Saramago

Welsh-based Portuguese artist originally from Lisbon, now based in Cardiff.

His creative practice explores ideas of vulnerability and endurance through film, photography, performance, drawing and site-specific installations.

He creates playful, meaningful & sustainable work utilising the landscape to reflect on the impact man has on the environment.