Channel / 26 Nov 2021

Where's My Space Virtual Tour

Where's My Space Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Where's My Space?

Various Artists


The pandemic has seen the prolonged closure of arts and cultural venues across the globe, the spaces where we congregate such as arts centres, youth clubs, community centres, dancehalls and theatres. It has also inhibited our freedom to gather and converse in public spaces, cafes, bars and our own homes; places we shared stories and socialised with family and friends. In the arts, we have needed to create other opportunities for social interaction, performance, exhibition and exchange in virtual spaces.

Where’s My Space? is a collaborative digital project that has brought together two organisations from Kenya and Wales, PAWA254 and Ffotogallery Wales, to create a virtual gathering place, or ‘Base Noma’ (to use a Kenyan expression) where young creatives from the partner countries came together to co-design and develop a unique space for visual storytelling. The project was an opportunity for two dynamic cultural organisations to co-design and develop a unique space for visual storytelling as well as connect young creatives from Kenya and Wales. We have been working with four trailblazing creatives, two from Wales and two from Kenya as well as a 4th year student from the University of West of England as our 3D designer and overseeing the architectural visualisation of Where’s my Space?

Nancy Cherwon also known as Chela is a Kenyan painter, graffiti artist and illustrator, her work tackle’s themes on culture, spiritualism and identity. She makes use of symbolisms, colour, and patterns to set the tone of each painting. Gufy is a Kenyan spoken word poet, cinematographer and photographer. Abby Poulson is a photographic artist born and raised in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Her work explores ideas surrounding her homeland, whilst also responding to Welsh identity, environmental concerns, the rural, memory and place. Gilbert Sabiti is an artist and illustrator; his work mainly involves investigating his Rwandan and British heritage and experiences of growing up Black British; much of his designs lie primarily in publication and illustration. James Reed our 3D designer/architect has been involved in the architectural visualisation of the spaces using a software called SketchUp as well as Vray to generate final renders which Oliver Norcott, Ffotogallery’s freelance Designer used the panoramic images from James’ render and stitched them together into 3D Vista to generate the final space. The project curators were Cynthia MaiWa Sitei, Creative Producer at Ffotogallery Wales and Njeri Mwangi, Co-Founder of PAWA Initiative and Special Project Leads of PAWA254.

The four creatives saw no boundaries within the project and took it as an opportunity to push themselves in reclaiming and reimagining spaces that represent them, their identity, practice and being.