Channel / 7 Sep 2021

Turning Point: Diffusion 2021

Ffotogallery is delighted to announce that the fifth biennial edition of Diffusion, Wales International Festival of Photography, will take place between 1-31 October this year, in multiple venues in Cardiff, Newport and South Wales.

Turning Point: Diffusion 2021 looks towards a post-pandemic future by providing a platform for new artistic voices and culturally diverse experiences, and a new model of collaboration that delivers a month of photography events in Wales and international reach and impact. Combining online and physical co-creation and presentation of work, Turning Point: Diffusion 2021 celebrates and foregrounds the richness and diversity of the nation’s geography, culture and society, at a time of both great uncertainty and new opportunity.

Turning Point: Diffusion 2021 puts artists and creativity front and centre, whilst ensuring equality of access and community engagement with the issues that affect them. As well as presenting outstanding Welsh and international work, special effort will be made to facilitate access for society’s more vulnerable and underrepresented groups.

We champion work that speaks to people’s experiences and is accessible at a range of geographies: neighbourhood, city, region, nation, global.